Struggling to Manage Your Digital Operations?
I Can Help.

Feeling overwhelmed with the ever-increasing complexities of managing your digital operations? Relax – I've got you covered. As your Digital Operations Manager I can help streamline and manage your online platforms and support business growth.

  • Wave goodbye to wasted hours. Delegate without stress, so you focus on what truly matters.
  • No need to wear multiple hats. Tap into a treasure trove of expertise that takes your business to new heights.
  • Unlock your business's full potential. I can craft strategies that drive growth and boost profits.

Why Hire a Digital Operations Manager (DOM)?

Increase Productivity

Struggling with plummeting productivity and precious time slipping through your fingers? Business owners can delegate tasks to a DOM and reclaim valuable time for planning, growth, and revenue, focusing on what matters most – nurturing your business.

Access Specialized Skills

Tired of grappling with tasks beyond your expertise, slowing your business down? The frustration is real. DOMs have specialized skills in various areas such as technical integrations, digital process optimization, platform management, digital marketing, and more. Don't let lack of digital skills hold your business back.

Reduce Costs

Wasting time and money trying to manage digital projects yourself or with unskilled staff? Stop the frustration by hiring an expert. A DOM will make your online presence run smoothly without your constant oversight. Drive efficiency and save resources without compromising quality.

Boost Online Presence

Tired of your online presence failing to make an impact, losing potential customers in the process? A dedicated DOM will execute a cohesive digital strategy across platforms. Transform your digital image, attract customers, and thrive like never before!

Enable Strategic Growth

Struggling to break free from stagnant growth, despite your relentless efforts? It's frustrating to be trapped in the same loop. A DOM will infuse fresh strategies, optimize processes, and drive transformative growth. Propel your business forward with strategic expertise now!

Balance Work and Life

Drowning in work, with no time left for life? The relentless grind takes a toll, leaving you drained. With the help of a DOM, you can reclaim your precious time, restore harmony, and let go of overwhelming tasks. Embrace a life where business thrives without consuming your every moment. 

You are in good hands.

Hello! I'm Jessica Paulk, an accomplished Digital Operations Manager with over 20 years of experience helping busy professionals and small businesses succeed. Based in Denver, Colorado, I provide customized remote support to take care of important online operational tasks so you can focus on your highest priorities. 

Drawing from my extensive background in website operations, technical integrations, and digital marketing, I bring a focused approach to streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and driving digital growth. 

Beyond the digital realm, you'll find me exploring the city or channeling my creativity through art. These moments invigorate my approach to work and fuel my dedication to your success.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about your unique requirements and discuss how I can take your online presence to the next level. Let's connect!

What I Can Do For You

A Digital Operations Manager is focused on smooth day-to-day operations, performance, and optimization of all digital products, platforms, and experiences.

Digital Process Integration & Optimization

Integrate different digital tools and systems to work seamlessly together. Evaluate and improve existing digital processes to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Platform Management

Oversee websites, online platforms, and other digital products to ensure smooth and optimal performance.

Digital Products & E-Commerce

Management and enhancement of e-commerce platforms, digital products, and online courses. Optimize your digital product listings for online sales.

Branding & Visual Design

Establish a strong and effective online presence by providing consistent and visually appealing branded graphics across all platforms.

Team & Vendor Coordination

Coordinate internal teams and external vendors to ensure a cohesive and seamless execution of your digital projects.

Digital Marketing

Execute digital marketing strategies including marketing automation, email marketing, list building, sales pages, SEO, online advertising, and analytics. Ensure smooth functioning of digital systems, platforms, and processes.

Web Development & Maintenance

Build and maintain user-friendly websites and landing pages. Ensure continued functionality and updates while meeting evolving needs.

Social Media

Ensure a consistent brand across all social media channels. Content and image creation, scheduling, follower engagement, and keyword research.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Swiftly identify and resolve technical issues to minimize disruptions to your digital operations.

Project Management

Coordinate and manage digital initiatives to ensure projects are executed efficiently, on time, and within budget.


"Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with!  She gets it, she's fast, and creative both in mind and design. She can zig and zag as strategies or design direction changes. She is a tremendous asset to any person or company she works with! I hope to continue to work with her in the future."

Monique Sadick

Reality Based Group

“Jess brings grit, energy, creativity, and outside the box thinking that a team member and a leader need to have in order to contribute to others. Beyond that, her patience and listening skills are ones that I will take away from my interactions and experience working with her. She has made me and others look good!”

Eric Orquiola

PCL Construction

“I used to work with Jess and witnessed daily her brilliant work and friendly, professional, down-to-business approach. Rarely in life do you meet people like Jess whose analytical skills are just as sharp as her impressive creative skills. She cares and backs it up with exceptional talent and skill. Jess will make your business shine!”

Shelly Kilgas

Grand County Library District

Are digital operations overwhelming your business? Rest easy, you've come to the right place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Digital Operations Manager and a Digital Marketing Manager?

A Digital Operations Manager primarily focuses on the technical and operational aspects of a company's digital presence. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of digital systems, platforms, and processes.

A Digital Marketing Manager’s role is centered around creating and executing digital marketing strategies to promote a company's products or services and drive online engagement and sales.

How much does it cost to hire a Digital Operations Manager (DOM)?

The cost of hiring a DOM varies depending on your needs. My DOM services start at $3775/month.

The average DOM salary is around $100,000 plus benefits. Choosing a DOM consultant over hiring full-time staff provides your business with flexible expertise on-demand, minimizing overhead costs while ensuring specialized tasks are efficiently handled.

Check out my packages here.

Can I add or remove DOM services as my needs change?

Yes. DOM services can be scaled up or down as necessary to match your specific needs.

Am I locked into a contract if I sign up for your services?

I believe in giving you the freedom to choose what suits your needs best. While I don't require long-term contracts, I do offer the convenience of upfront payment for monthly packages, ensuring you have uninterrupted access to my premium services and a hassle-free experience.